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Finding Foods that Heal


Question 01

Your journey into nutrition was inspired by going gluten-free and training as a nutritionist where you were introduced to food as a nourishing, healing and sharing resource. Why is real food so important to our mental wellbeing?

The food we eat plays one of the most significant roles in how our microbiome and brain communicate, via the gut-brain axis. Eating real food is the best way to create a robust and diverse microbiome, preventing the production of pro-inflammatory metabolites such as hexa lipopolysaccharide. Such metabolites can otherwise impair our mental health if they pass into the blood steam and cause inflammation of the brain

Question 02

You once said "training as a Nutritionist was honestly the best thing that (you) have ever done", and it was what led you to launch The Natural Nutritionist. Tell us a bit more about your work and any upcoming projects you have planned?

I spend approximately half my week consulting with clients virtually and the other half mentoring students and newly qualified Nutritionists, podcasting, writing and running The Natural Nutritionist.

My next big project is to continue to focus on my role as mentor, and I will be announcing a group mentoring program for 2021.

"Food we eat plays one of the most significant roles in how our microbiome and brain communicate"

Question 03

Fitness plays a pivotal role in our health and wellbeing. You have been known to participate in a combination of endurance training with yoga, meditation and recovery. Can you share what your weekly schedule looks like?

I have moved away from endurance training in recent years and focus predominately on yoga and daily walks. This is what feels best for my body, allowing me to also prioritise one to two 20-minute meditation sessions per day.

Question 04

We know that hard work is never usually done alone. Are there people in your world who are instrumental in seeing you reach your goals?

I have an incredible support network both at home at within my team at The Natural Nutritionist. I often joke that I am able to do what I do with a young family, as I am married to a Chiropractor! They have incredibly flexible working hours and Ian is a very hands on father. He also likes to remind me daily that he does most of the cooking and cleaning, and while he sounds like a broken record at times, I’m very grateful for his support.

Question 05

With a busy schedule and clean nutrition being a core value, what are some ways you strive for balance in your day-to-day?

My non-negotiables are 7.5 hours of sleep, a minimum of one 20-minute meditation session/day and a daily walk, ideally in the sun. I also never eat gluten and rarely drink alcohol anymore, and I feel my best when I commit to this way of life.

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By Nutrafruit
Jan 13, 2021
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