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Cooking from the Heart


Question 01

As a Nutritionist and recipe developer can you share with us what your typical work day looks like?

Working as a mum with little kids, nowadays my typical work day looks very different to before. Currently my work day includes working very early hours in the morning before the kids wake and during toddler nap times doing the ‘mum-boss’ juggle which I’m so grateful for! When I’m working you’ll find me cooking and testing recipes in the kitchen, photographing a recipe to share with our community, working with brands on exciting projects or supporting our community and program members.

Question 02

You've written two cookbooks with one on the way, and developed over 500 recipes for your online community. What is your favourite recipe?

I absolutely love creating healthy recipes for others to enjoy. My favourite recipes are the ones that inspire others to enjoy healthy, wholesome food with their loved ones – whether it's baking a fun recipe with the kids or enjoying a healthy dinner shared with the family. Some of my favourite recipes include my Gluten Free Macadamia Florentines, my Easy Banana Bread (no added sugar, gluten free, dairy free) or my much-loved Satay recipe.

Question 03

A positive mindset plays such an important role in the way we process daily events. How do you create space for mindfulness to digest the day's thoughts?

Juggling business life and mum life means there’s always a lot on your mind. Some things I do to help include creating moments throughout the day to break up the mental load, to breathe, reconnect, regather and remember your 'why’. For me this includes creating space to switch off, taking in fresh air outside and writing down a lot!

Question 04

It's important to be active each day to maintain your wellbeing. What are some ways you stay active throughout the week?

Keeping up with my two little kids keeps me very active but I love walking, bush walks and a quick at-home lounge room workout.

Question 05

Those we surround ourselves with are often those who shape our values. Who are some people who have influenced your health and wellbeing journey?

My kids have been the biggest influence on my journey by providing me with the lesson of how precious life is and how we choose to spend our days, which of course is how we choose to spend our lives. They inspire me to live a healthy lifestyle so I can have the energy and health to spend our days doing things we love most together.

"My kids have been the biggest influence on my journey"

Question 06

Running a business, raising a family and managing all of life's events can quickly fill up the week. How do you restore balance and "fill up your cup”?

Being in the kitchen with my two little ones next to me cooking together is my happy place, where we make the best memories (and lots of mess!). I also love spending time outside in nature, beach days and cooking for loved ones.

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By Nutrafruit
Jan 13, 2021
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